Finding a UK Dating Website

If you're from the UK and have decided to try an online dating website then you can rest assured that you will have plenty of different options to choose from. The majority of the major dating websites today accommodate for people from all over the world and almost always for people from the United Kingdom. So obviously, finding a dating website to get started with is not going to be the problem.

Rank UK Dating Website Rating Price Visit Dating Site
1. 9.6/10 $16.99/mo Visit
2. 9.4/10 $26.65/mo Visit
3. 9.3/10 $33.95/mo Vist PerfectMatch
4. eHarmony 9.0/10 $19.95/mo Visit eHarmony

The big issue when it comes to finding a UK dating website is actually figuring out which ones are the absolute best and which ones simply run a dating website. If you're like most people then you are looking for the best possible site specifically for you. What we have done here is put together a list of what we found to be the absolute best dating websites for people from the UK. One may be better than another for you but each one has qualities that make them stand out.

All of the dating websites here have not only shown excellence when it comes to accommodating for UK daters but also display many other qualities that we found to be very important for any person looking for an online dating website. Not only that but every site that we recommend here has proven itself for site safety and keeping a customer's personal information secure.

So once you're ready you can choose any one of the dating websites listed above to get started with. All they will ask you to do is sign up for a new account, take a compatibility test and then you will get to see your matches for free. Then when you decide you want to contact one of your matches you will need to sign up for a paid membership so that you can get the chance to meet them.

What Makes Up the Best UK Dating Website

As we looked at developing a list for the top UK dating websites there were several major factors that went into our decision making process. We looked at things like site quality, compatibility testing and the number of members that each site has using their site. We wanted to make sure that any online UK dater would be able to find the website easy to access as well as find many compatible matches to meet while using that specific dating site.

Compatibility Testing for UK Daters

One of the big issues that a UK dater might find when simply choosing any random dating website is that there aren't very many other UK singles to choose from. It makes it very tough to meet up with your matches if they are all from other areas around the world. This is why compatibility testing was thought of as one the main factors for deciding on this list.

We wanted to make sure that the compatibility testing was able to discern your specific country and where you want your matches to be located. All of the sites that we listed here allow you to narrow matches down based on location so that you won't have to worry about finding someone from half-way around the globe. This usually makes for a very difficult start to a relationship.

Not only that, compatibility testing in general is always important. You want to be sure that the test gets enough in-depth information about you so that they can actually match you up with the best possible choices. All of these sites do an excellent job of gaining that information and each one does it in their own unique way that has seemed to work very well for each one. This will help assure you that the people that you find on any one of these dating websites will be a strong match for you based off of the information that you give.

Dating Website Quality

Another important area that we looked at was the layout and structure of the site. If the website that we were reviewing was poorly laid out or had a low standard for their member's area then they simply did not make this list. We wanted to make sure that all of their members, including those from the UK, would be able to have an enjoyable experience using their dating website and would want to continue using it based on the user-friendliness and feel of the site.

Even though many people may not think that the quality of the site layout is that important to determining how good it really is for actual online dating, we found that without question it certainly is. Any site that we found that was poorly structured and simply had nothing to really draw a viewer to it, seemed to be an all around negative experience. Sites that care for their own appearance also are the ones that do the best job in finding the most compatible matches for people.

It just seems to be a common theme that when you don't take care of the outside appearance, it usually means that you don't care about the inside either. You can usually learn a lot about a dating website just by it';s style and layout. So the dating websites here all have a very unique style to them that we felt like gave members a very enjoyable site experience.

Member Population and Other Factors

When it comes to an online dating website for UK daters it is important to find one that has a large member population. The reason for this is because if the population is somewhat small, it will make it a lot harder to find matches from your specific area of the world, not to mention country. The larger the population of members, the much better chance of finding good compatible matches from your own location.

Since many of the main dating websites have a large focus on American dating, it makes it even more important to find one with a high volume of members. Sites like and eHarmony are perfect examples of this. Both have a huge membership volume with people from all around the world. This makes it much more convenient for UK daters since they will be able to find plenty of matches from their own country while still being able to know that they are with a well-trusted and highly respected dating website.

One other big issue that factored in to creating this list was the membership pricing. Obviously we didn't want to choose a dating website that completely overcharged for their services but at the same time sites that either don't charge or have a very low fee are often times poor quality. So what we looked for were well-known sites that offered excellent services while still having reasonable prices.

What you will find most of the times are that many of the free dating websites have very low ratings because they can't seem to afford the best services. They have poor membership qualities which causes poor matches for those using the site. We wanted to make sure that you still had top of the line service and compatibility matching while still paying a reasonable monthly membership fee.

Ready to Try Online Dating?

If you think that you are ready to give an online dating website a shot then we suggest you visit With Match you will have access to a multitude of compatible matches whether you are from the UK or anywhere else in the world. They have proven themselves for years now as being one of the best dating websites around and we know that if you are looking to start online dating that you won't be disappointed with and all that they have to offer.