Best Single Parent Dating Website

The dating scene is often difficult today, let alone if you are a single parent. Wouldn’t it be nice, if for once when you went out on a date you didn’t have to worry about the right time to talk about the fact you had kids? Wouldn’t it instead be a real treat if once in a while, your children even got to go with you to the movies? If so, then it might be time to check out a single parent dating website.

Rank Single Parent Dating Website Rating Price Visit Dating Site
1. 9.7/10 $33.95/mo Vist PerfectMatch
2. 9.4/10 $16.99/mo Visit
3. eHarmony 9.3/10 $19.95/mo Visit eHarmony

The only difficult part of joining a single parent dating website is choosing which one to join! This is a growing niche, and more websites are popping up. Unfortunately, not all of them are scrupulous. Some websites will boast all kinds of features and a massive member database, only to leave you with very little once you actually pay to join. Lucky for you, we’ve done all of the hard work for you, and have compiled the top dating websites for single parents in an easy list.

This may seem like a short list, but that is because we cut away all of the excess websites and have left you with only the top options. This means no matter which you choose from this list, you are sure to find a website you like and that delivers on its promises. All of the dating websites on this list have your safety and happiness in mind.

Makings of a Good Single Parent Dating Website

We went to great lengths to ensure all the dating websites on our recommended list were the best online today. These websites have high standards and they also offer a lot when it comes to features. A large member database is also required. Let’s review what makes these the best choices, by looking at exactly what they have to offer.

Single Parent Compatibility

The most important thing in your life is no doubt your children. You strive to make them happy and do what it takes to ensure they have good lives. For them to be happy though, you need to be happy too, and that may mean finding a new love and enjoying the dating scene once again. After all you are a parent, not dead!

By joining a single parent dating website you will automatically have some built in compatibility with those you talk to… you’re parents! You have more than likely experienced a good amount of the same ups and downs. You understand when it comes to things like running late because of babysitters, putting your children first and other scenarios that singles without kids may not understand at all. When it comes to single parent dating websites then, finding one that allows you to search for matches when it comes to important issues in your life can make all the difference when it comes to your search for the one.

The websites we have included on our lists really do understand the single parent dating scene, and give their customers all the features they could need and want to help them find what they are looking for. Many are looking for long term relationships, but some are looking for more casual relationships. Many of the websites have search options that even allow you to enter the type of relationship you are looking for, as well as things like distance and religion, which can play a big role when it comes to raising children.

You know better than anyone what is important for you to be happy in a relationship; these websites just provide the tools to help you find what you are looking for. Some of the top websites even having matching services that allow you to fill out questionnaires and then matches you to others with similar wants, like your own personal cupid! Your children come first, and these dating websites understand that. This is one reason that they have made it onto the list.

Membership Levels and Perks

Many of the websites allow you to have a free trial or offer basic level membership. This typically means you can create a profile, do basic browsing, and look through profiles to see if anyone is a good match. If you want to have unlimited contacting ability and access to all other perks you usually have to join or upgrade to a paid membership. This is exactly why it is so important to pick the best dating website, as you don’t want to be wasting your time and money on sites that aren’t worth the effort. We carefully went over the websites we suggest to ensure that once someone becomes a full paid member that they get everything that was promised to them.

Most paid memberships will also get you full access to communication tools such as emails, instant messaging, chat rooms, forums, and even video chatting and flirt messages. This means you can start a conversation in the way you feel most comfortable, such as sending an ice breaker message, or just starting out with an email. Along with all the perks that a single parent dating website offers, we also paid attention to price. Many websites allow you to pay by the month, but the ones we have listed often give discounts to those who purchase a full 12 months at a time, saving half or more!

Special Features on a Single Parent Dating Website

All you single moms and single dads out there have busy lives already, which is why the other special features of these websites come in handy. Some of the websites allow you to keep a log of all the people you are talking to, and it shows you who is online while you are online. This makes chatting quick and easy. There arae also advice and tip articles for those that may need a little refresher.

A friendly online community is another feature that really makes these websites worth it. You’ll not only meet fun singles, but you can even have plenty of strong friendships formed here, especially by using the chat rooms and message boards where other parents post not only about dating but about their lives, and parenting struggles. All of the websites on the list also offer easy to use tools, and easy navigation. You don’t have to worry about learning how to use a ton of complicated features, everything takes a mere click of a button, and most sites have a toll free number you can call if you do need any help. All of these features give single parent dating websites an advantage over the other sites out there today.

Start With Online Single Parent Dating

Don’t be afraid! There are a lot of single parents just like you signing up for a single parent dating website right now. Why not sign up for a free trial version of a website or two and see if you don’t enjoy yourself right away? Sign up for membership and get your dating life going again!