Review of was formed in 2003 and has become a very highly promoted dating website. They have reached a series of links with many entertainment groups for promotional purposes. One of the biggest parts of what makes this such a popular site involves the ways how it works for more people. The site offers not only different profile features but also several options that open up the world of online dating to everyone.

The site features one of the most attractive profile support systems around. It allows people to quickly get online and set up their own profiles based on more than just things like physical demographics, habits one does and the photos that a user wants to send. It also involves compatibility with other people.

Compatibility Testing uses a system known as the Duet Total Compatibility System. The Duet system was highly inspired by the Myers-Briggs test, a test that is used to measure a person’s psychological beliefs with regards to social situations, perception, feelings and other points. The Duet system is used to help analyze how people feel and think about different things for compatibility reasons.

This system was developed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a professional sociologist who has been in the field of relationship studies for more than thirty years. She created the system based on the Myers-Briggs test to analyze the factors that go into relationships. These include points about one’s romantic risk, how one sees life and a person’s temperament.

It should not take more than thirty minutes to complete the Duet test. It is also free for any member to use. The fact that people can use this during their free trials makes this all the more impressive.

Creating a Profile

The results of the Duet test will be used to help with figuring out what one’s values are. Of course, there are several other things in a user’s profile that can be added. These are useful features that all to the information that singles can give out to each other. The goal of the site is to give people more of an idea of what they are going for.

The Background and Values profile section involves a look at one’s favorite things and how a person feels about different items in life. These are often used to make things all the more appealing.

There is also a Deal Breakers section on the profile. This includes details on what one’s romantic partner needs to have and what that partner should not have. These points are useful but at the same time they involve some predetermined words that must be chosen.

Users and Special Features

There are several different categories that caters to. These categories include things relating to dating for people in certain demographics or religious values. There are even individual sections devoted to gay dating, military dating, liberal and conservative dating and dating for people who are interested in different points like golf, cooking, active living, green living and more. There is even a section for dog lovers. also offers a series of different dating advice sections for people of all walks of life. These advice sections include a series of free to read blog posts and videos devoted to how to enjoy dating and how to get the most out of it. These sections are devoted to many categories. There are individual spots for people in certain age groups as well as sections for single parents, recent divorcees, professionals, seniors and military members. There’s even a section devoted on what to wear to a date.

The people who do go on the site vary by age. There are about five million members on the site. Fortunately, there is a nearly fifty-fifty ratio of women to men on the site, thus ensuring that there are plenty of options for all people to find.

This site offers communication through easy to manage email services. People can also use Dating on Demand to communicate with each other in a private function. However, the site does not offer instant messaging outside of the Dating on Demand feature.

Membership Options and Pricing

The costs that come with the program are also important to see. People can get access to the site for free. A two month trial is included for all members. It is one of the longer trial periods that anyone can use on most dating websites.

There is also a Premium membership program. This program allows people to upload as many as eight photos on a site. They can also get into as many profiles as they want and even get into the “Ask Dr. Schwartz” section of the site. This allows people to communicate with the site’s founder about relationships.

The Platinum membership program is the highest membership level. Members can get higher search results and can communicate with any person on the site no matter what level that person’s membership might be.

The subscription plans on the site will vary in terms of how long they can go for. A Platinum plan is only good for four or six months. It costs $33.33 a month for a six month membership.

Meanwhile, a Premium plan will be cheaper but the longest membership there is a three month subscription for $37 per month. A five day membership is available for ten dollars.

The “Match Guarantee” that offers is a very unique feature that is not easily found on other dating websites. A person with a two month or longer plan can get one’s membership moved up by two months for free if that person fails to get enough Perfect Matches. A person should be guaranteed to get at least four matches like these in two months or eight matches in six months. This is a sign of how confident the site is in its service.

Final Words

The features that work with all great for all kinds of people who want to get on online dating websites. allows singles of all sorts to find many different singles and lets them work with whatever membership level they want to use.