Most Popular Dating Website

What is the most popular dating website? That’s quite a tricky question. We know some of the “top” dating websites by name, though they are only top in traffic and in fame. However, their popularity does not necessarily mean they are the best or most popular dating websites for you. You should be more concerned with what the dating site offers you and that’s why we’ve compiled this list. These listings are what we consider to be the most popular dating websites on the net. Here you will find not only popular mainstream sites but also some of the best “niche” sites, that is, dating websites devoted to one special type of coupling.

Rank Popular Dating Website Rating Price Visit Dating Site
1. 9.9/10 $16.99/mo Visit
2. eHarmony 9.7/10 $19.95/mo Visit eHarmony
3. 9.4/10 $26.65/mo Visit
4. 9.3/10 $33.95/mo Vist PerfectMatch

Now don’t be deceived by the total numbers. We’re not interested in merely republishing Alexa’s list of the ten most trafficked sites. We’re more interested in quality. Therefore, we are only listing sites that meet high standards—namely, they give you everything you need for a decent price. We have evaluated all of these sites and are confident in listing them as the best you can when it comes to online dating. These are sites that will literally get you laid or help find you a marriage mate, depending on what you’re looking for. Of course, finding a list of sites is only half the battle. You must still figure out what you, as an individual, are looking for.

Every one of the “most popular” dating websites listed here are not only highly trafficked but verified to be legitimate. Of course, no site is completely foolproof against spammers or fake gender users looking for fun. However, these sites are really good at eliminating inactive or “suspect” profiles. You are practically guaranteed to find someone if you use these sites and take an outgoing approach to dating. Meaning you really do have to make conversations, search profiles, and make an attempt to produce interesting conversation.

Compatibility: The Real Issue for a Popular Dating Website

Compatibility is a major issue, and it is what truly defines all of the most popular dating websites. Some websites make it a point to create a very complex questionnaire which is later used as a means of matching partners together. Other sites make it easier and simply send you matches according to shared interests or common lifestyle data. (i.e. kids, long-term goals, preferences in body shape or age and so on) A few sites even match couples up via human intelligence.

What’s important is that the company is really proactive in making matches happen. In the long-run, compatibility is what will find you a really successful date. All of the sites we mention here do have some sort of matching feature in place, and they are worth checking out. However, you must determine just what importance you place in computerized or human controlled matching.

Member Count of the Most Popular Dating Websites

How important is the total number of members for a dating website? Frankly, when it comes to mainstream popularity, it is vitally important. You are going for the “batting average” in this case, as you will be sifting through literally thousands of profiles, depending on your location. So yes, if you are attempting to narrow your search then the more members you have access to, the better. Then again, with a large mainstream membership it’s going to be more difficult to find very “particular” types of dates or relationships. So you must determine whether you want a unique relationship (a kink, one particular ethnicity, or a shared religion) or whether you’re more interested in location, looks, career and so on.

Membership Options

What are some of the other membership options? It is best to maximize conversation, so look for dating websites that offer instant messaging, email and perhaps even blogs, message boards and member forums. Another nice feature to look for is login messages, that let you know if a user is online and the last time he or she was active. What happens when you really hit off and want to take the relationship further? Does the user have a live video chat option so you can see your date “in person?”

Special Features and Extras

How about unique features like interactive games, activities and ice breakers? What better ice break is there than to say, "Your picture is hot!" Hey, it’s simple but it works, if the website has a “Rate my Picture” feature. Other popular features include dating tips, photo galleries, audio files, and blog sharing. Another important issue you can’t discount: free trial periods. No site is worth paying for if you can’t sample all the cool features. The best dating websites in the world all offer a free trial period or at least a long preview that explains each feature in detail.

The sites we list are not only jam-packed with features but also strive to provide honest and ethical services. Just to be sure, it is advisable that you read over the terms and conditions of each website to review their privacy policies and other miscellaneous information. In general, most singles gravitate to the “big” or most popular dating websites on the Internet, figuring they are safe at these locations, and that there are more than enough members to hold their interest.

Why Try the Most Popular Dating Websites?

Here is what we suggest look for a new partner at a popular dating website and see what interest you can find. You may actually be more likely to find someone at a large site, since many of these sites let you search by niche interest. Then again, some websites are so overly concerned with their compatibility test that they eliminate search features altogether.

Do your research and determine whether freedom and a large “dating pool” are of the most serious concern, or whether compatibility is the real issue. We are confident that the sites we listed represent the very best the online world has to offer. Stop being alone. Stop making the same mistakes. Make a vote for real compatibility…real relationships!