Review of is one of the more historic online dating websites around. The site has been around since 1980s. The site offers many different ways how people can get in touch with one another and offers several different ways to handle clients. The cost of getting into the site is also easy to afford and can even offer some impressive discounts.

The history of dates back to 1986 when it first came off of a Bulletin Board System. The system was used to help get singles to find each other in a local area. Since then the site has expanded to where more lines had been set up for more cities and eventually the programming used for the site was licensed to others.

The site has been operating in its current design since 1996. The site became so large that it was bought by Lycos in 2000 who kept it until it was sold off to in 2006.

Member Communication

The site has been around in the world of online dating for longer than a majority of other competitors. One of the reasons why it has been so popular involves the ways how people can get in touch with one another. Today people can find each other by searching for them based on many characteristics. These include things like one’s zip or postal code, characteristics on that person and many more.

The information that people can manage on can be useful but this dating website does more than just give people access to different profiles. It also offers different communication functions for full members to use.

This website offers video and audio chat features to those who have access to video and audio communication devices for their computers. This makes it so people will be more likely to learn more about each other and to feel a little more comfortable with each other before they can physically meet at some time.

Instant messaging services are also used on the site. These services include the ability to chat in real time to any user one wants to get in touch with. It should make for something that is appealing to any potential visitor who wants to get in touch with other singles and doesn’t want to deal with waiting to get a response back on a private message or email.

Creating a Profile

Signing up for a profile on the site is easy to handle. A user can get a profile ready by entering in a username and password and then entering in details on what one wants to use. This includes details on one’s age, location, job and who that person is seeking.

Detailed paragraphs may be added to the profile. These paragraphs can be used to add some details on whatever it is a person wants to talk about. It makes for an interesting feature that gives users opportunities to find more things to say.

There is also the ability to post multiple photos onto one’s profile. People need to add profile photos so their profiles will be more credible. It also makes them more marketable to other people. Anyone who has multiple photos can also tell people more things about who they are. This includes photos that show one’s interests and a person doing all kinds of things in action. It’s a fun thing to find when contacting people.

The profiles that people have can be searched for through several different things. These include individual personal ad sections around the website. These sections are divided by different geographic spots and allow people to see all kinds of men or women who are interested in seeking other men or women.

Additional Advantages

The site particularly does a good job with promoting itself to singles of all faiths. The site is not only a Christian dating website but also a site that is devoted to Jewish, Baptist and Muslim singles. It makes for a site that is easy for more people to take advantage of and to see with regards to what they might be interested in getting into when they are dating other people.

Membership and Pricing

Another great part of the site is that it offers some attractive things that relate to cost. People who subscribe to the site for a longer period of time will be able to spend less money to get on the site. This should make for an affordable experience that adds to the enjoyment that a customer can get when using the site.

A person who subscribes for a month will be able to get in for $30. This is a pretty good deal but at the same time a person who subscribes for an entire year will be able to subscribe for $120 for the year. This makes for a massive discount when compared to just going on the site by the month.

There are some free features to find on the site. First, there is a free trial for new members. The trial period lasts for seven days.

The personality test that is used on the site will also be free to use. A person can use this test to help with figuring out the people that a user will be able to find. In fact, the personality test should help give any user immediate results with regards to the best people that the user can find.

This means that the seven day trial will often be enough time to give a user an opportunity to see all of the things that come with a site. The goal is to make sure that a user is comfortable with the site and the trial should be good enough based on what one wants to get.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see what can be used on when finding something of interest. This dating website has many interesting and unique features that allow people to get in touch with others. It also offers an easy to handle function relating to seeing how one’s profile relates to other people. It is a site that has been trusted for nearly thirty years and can be easy for anyone to afford.