There are several dating website options that have been competing over the years. One of the oldest options around is This is an online dating website that has been operating since 1995. The site has become one that is open to all sorts of people. It is also very easy for people to use. People can quickly get profiles created while providing others with plenty of information on who they are. Profiles

The profile will include many things such as where a user lives, how far a person is willing to go for finding someone and the age range of people that the person wants to find. A general profile message may also be added to create a main message that goes along with one’s profile name.

The information that is used on profiles at is very detailed. An “About Me” section can be used by anyone to create a more detailed story on whoever that person is. The “My Photos” section can also be used to show off multiple photos.

General information can also be found at the top part of a profile. This includes things like one’s relationship history, whether or not that person has kids and whether or not that person wants to have kids in the future. Information on one’s religion as well as whether or not that person smokes or drinks can also be listed.

A person can also list information on one’s education history. This includes whether or not a user has gone to college or even if that user is currently in college. Physical characteristics can also be described. These include one’s race, body type and height. The site does recommend that people upload photos but it should not be too much of a hassle to get any photo ready on the site.

The “In My Own Words” part of a profile page is a great feature for users to manage. This allows a user to create a description of one’s life and values.

Search Features

People who sign up for will be able to search for many things based on their needs. The key search involves finding people in a local zip code. This will start to help with finding people who are in a local area. Of course, it does help to create one’s own profile. The profile must be prepared by uploading the picture and then by entering in one’s information on that profile.

A search can then be done after creating a profile. A search begins by searching for and how old a person should be. One popular feature of is that it has become popular among not only heterosexual couples but also people in the LGBT community who are interested in finding other gay or lesbian partners.

A full search will include results that show pictures of people in an area, the cities they are located in, their ages and their user names. A user can then click on one of the pictures to get to the full profile of someone.

Communicating With Other Members

The user can then do one of many things after reading the profile. The user can click to send a message to someone. A user can also add a profile to one’s favorites or even send a “wink” to someone to show some kind of interest. can then allow a user to do one of two things. First, the user will be able to search for individuals based on their many characteristics. These include things like body type, faith, ethnicity and many other points that were mentioned earlier. People can sort other people out by multiple characteristics.

The second thing is to take a look at the matches that has already found. These matches will be based on location and the characteristics that have been added in a profile. This includes information based on keywords that might be found in the more text-based parts of a profile.

Special Features

The website also offers plenty of special functions that add to what people can use. offers things like a series of special events in different cities around the country. These include meet-ups for those who have met each other on

Another special function involves the unique mobile and social media functions that can handle. This dating website has its own Facebook application. It also has a mobile version that is easy to access on any kind of mobile device that can handle a variety of different searches.

Membership Cost is a dating website that offers a unique way for people to find others. First, a visitor will have to register with the site. The site begins with a free trial for new users. The trial will last for only a few days but the site will offer occasional promotions where new members can get longer trials. This is all done to give all potential users an idea of what the site has to offer.

The amount of time that the site gives to visitors will allow them to have easier times with figuring out whether or not they could potentially benefit off of the site. People can even use most of the features that can be found on the site.

It will cost money to use the site. It can cost at least $30 a month to get a subscription to the site. Fortunately, the features that the site runs with are suitable enough to make the price easy to justify. The number of people who are currently using the site is massive. At least a million people are currently subscribed to the service.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, is one of the most popular dating websites for people to find when looking for love. This online dating website has easy to manage profiles and is easy to use and afford. It is also made to where people can easily find different kinds of profiles based on the many things that they want to get out of potential mates. The site makes finding people easier to manage.