Steps to a More Intimate Relationship

If you feel as though your relationship is not as intimate as it could be—or indeed once was in the past, you have definitely done the right thing in turning to this article for some much-needed advice. It is a proven fact that most long-term relationships run out of steam as the years tick by, this is a natural phenomenon of human nature and nothing to beat yourself up over. Also, if you have just started to get to know someone, you would need to bear in mind that a more intimate relationship may take time to develop.

You do not necessarily just have to accept the way in which a relationship is currently heading. There are steps that can be taken that may very well help you to get your relationship back on the track to real intimacy. However, it is definitely worth bearing in mind that as we humans are such complex creatures, not all of the steps described in this article will be right for everyone. It will simply be a matter of deciding what is best for you in order to achieve a more intimate relationship.


One of the most fundamental steps for a more intimate relationship is to evaluate the level of communication between you and your partner at this particular moment in time. You need to be completely honest here as no help or change will come to people who prefer to bury their heads in the sand. This means accepting if the communication between you both could be stronger and worked on.

So, do you both talk as much as you could? Do you truly listen to your partner and do they you? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself and if there are any negative responses, it is up to you to address. You would seriously need to set some time aside to ensure that you are both able to talk freely and in a relaxed atmosphere. An impromptu candle-lit dinner is always a great idea here; or you might prefer to book a table in a favorite restaurant.


Your relationship should rank as being the most important aspect of your life. If you disagree with this statement and feel that work is by far the most important element of your life—this will never lead to a level of intimacy in a relationship that is reaching its optimum potential. Okay, your work might be important to you, but will it comfort you through the most devastating moments of your life; will it listen to all of your problems and provide that shoulder to cry on; will it grow old with you and shower you with love—definitely not! If you are really keen to make your relationship work, you need to make sure this is placed firmly at the top of the list of priorities. To really make this happen, you might need to slow down on the work front and allocate more quality time with your partner.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere!

Now let’s not go overboard here, we don’t want to have to grab for the sick bucket, but seriously remember that flattery and compliments aimed at your partner can be a very good thing—when done in a sincere way and with sufficient frequency. This could be either characteristically or physically, and at least one compliment per day is well known to build the feeling of love and empathy between any couple and help reach the goal of a more intimate relationship.

Recognizing Your Own Faults

If you are being completely honest with yourself, are there flaws in the relationship which you know are as a result of your own faults? One of the very best ways of gaining a more intimate relationship with your partner is by taking stock of these very failings and attempting to do something about them. This will not happen overnight and you may well want to deal with one flaw at a time. It is important to remember that everyone has flaws in their character that need to be addressed in a relationship. Don’t allow yourself to go down the road of thinking that you are any worse than any other human being on this planet—just do something that will work in a positive way.

Be Realistic With Relationships

We all have that elusive ‘ideal’ sexual partner in the back of our minds as we go through life and this nonexistent person can be extremely damaging to the relationships in the here and now. If you find it difficult to find a person with whom you would like to become more intimate, it may very well be down to this fact. Obviously, you would always need to find a partner sexually desirable, but try to forget all about that ‘ideal’ person. Even if you did find them, you would be too nervous and awe-struck to make the relationship work in the long-term.

What Can You Do in the Bedroom?

Of course, this is where the level of intimacy really comes to the fore between the two of you. So, if things have calmed down between you both and the excitement and spontaneity is no longer there, you can take steps to do something about it. For a start, role play can be an ideal way of increasing the excitement in your relationship. Acting out personal fantasies with your loved one can be great fun and whilst you may both start out a little shy, with a little practice, this should soon go. You may also like to think about getting back to the basics when it comes to lovemaking with your partner. Take time to appreciate your partner’s body slowly and meticulously.

The steps above are all aimed at helping you to achieve a more intimate relationship. It is entirely up to you how far you should take each of these steps—only you will know what works in your particular relationship.