Making a Good First Impression 

After you have met the woman of your dreams through an online dating agency, the obvious next step is to meet her in person. And when it comes to meeting the woman who knows you only through the internet, the first impression is really the last impression. If you cannot impress her in your first meeting, you probably will never get another chance.

The problem is that during your online interactions, you may have caused her to have greater expectations of you. And living up to the expectation of the woman you are trying to impress can be tough, but you can do it with careful planning and attention to details. If making a good first impression on her is really important to you, then turn it into a sort of campaign. Plan, prepare, execute and follow up.

Things to Do

Here are some tips that can help you make a good first impression on the woman you are trying to impress in the hope of starting a relationship.

  • Dress properly: You don't like shabbily dressed women. They do not generally like scruffily dressed men either. On your first date she will be dressed to 'kill' (if she really liked you) and she expects you to be attired the same way. Clothes that are classy and elegant yet fashionable make you look attractive. Wear the clothes that project your persona.
  • Be polite and courteous: Civility and courtesy cost nothing but are admired by everyone. Be polite and courteous to your date. Open doors and wait for her to sit first. This shows class and good upbringing, and never fails to impress women. But make sure you do not overdo it; otherwise she may become suspicious of your motives.
  • Project confidence: Confidence is a sign of strength, success, wealth and power – the very things that women naturally look for in men - and a man who exudes confidence in his eyes, speech and facial expression never fails to impress a woman.
  • Make her laugh: Laughter is the best medicine, they say. It is also the best way to open up people and make a way into their heart and mind. A man who is humorous and can turn any situation into a fun event is highly admired by everyone, including women. Women love to be in the company of men who can lighten their moods and make them laugh. But take care not to demean other people and make fun of the things and people that she has high regards for.
  • Tell her about the dream you had: Talking about dreams almost always arouses interest. So tell her in details about the dream you had and ask her for her interpretation. She will recall how her mother or grandma used to interpret dreams, and then launch into her own dreams. After she finishes, give a nice interpretation of your own. Talking about dreams may sound silly but it shows your human side and she will really have a soft corner for you after that.
  • Ask her about her family and friends: Women like to talk about their family and friends. So ask her about her parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. Show genuine interest when she is telling you in detail about someone who is dear to her. Tell them that one day in the near future you hope to meet them and get to know them better. If she tells you about someone who is disabled or ill, express genuine concern and sympathy. And never change the topic when she is talking about her family and friends.
  • Make eye contact with her: When talking or listening to her, make eye contact as often as you can. Eyes are among the most beautiful parts of your body, and if you have really beautiful ones, she will immediately fall in love with you. But do not stare. Your eyes are a reflection of your mind, and if there is genuine admiration (for her) in them, she is also likely to reciprocate. Avoid staring at her breasts and thighs; that will make her think that you want in only for sex, which is, of course, what you eventually want, but you mustn't make it obvious.
  • Compliment her looks: The one thing that women secretly crave is compliments. Telling a woman that she is the most beautiful creature is a time-tested method of winning her heart and mind. Women these days are a lot smarter, so use words like 'great' and 'cool' instead of traditional words like 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous';. They mean the same thing and she will love that. Also, compliment her on her choice of clothes. She will think you are cool because according to women most men are oblivious to clothes.
  • Ask her for her opinion: Asking someone for advice makes the person feel valued and respected. So tell her about your plans and problems and ask her for her opinion. But do not divulge all your secrets and do not whine. While she will love being asked for advice, she will absolutely hate it if you whine.

Things Not to Do

Here are some of the things that you should usually stay away from on a first date if you are thinking of starting a relationship.

  • Talk about religion and politics: Stay away from these two topics as they usually lead to disagreements and bad feelings.
  • Talk about her and your exes: Do not bring up the topics involving either your or her ex. This only causes embarrassment and breakdown of communication.
  • Act like a nerd, geek or dork: Women may like nerds and geeks for friendship, but they certainly do not view them as boyfriend and husband material. In fact, many women do not want to be seen with them in front of their friends who will turn into a laughing stock. So do not act like a nerd or geek.
  • Do not eat or drink too much: When on a first date, do not eat or drink too much even if you are famished. Women have no respect for gluttons.
  • Do not use offensive language and humor: These are big turnoffs for most women, so avoid using them. Good language costs you nothing but goes a long way in winning the respect and admiration of people.