Are They Really That Into You

Dating websites have made it easier to meet people of the opposite sex (or preferred sex, for that matter) and hook up for romance or whatever comes after that. The procedure is simple and straightforward: Sign up, enter your details, including your preferences, upload your recent photo and you are in the market.

You can now either search for a suitable partner or wait for other people to find you. Whatever you decide to do, there soon comes a time when you will find yourself regularly interacting with one or more people who are interested in you. But are they really that into you? How do you know?

One little problem with online dating is that you won't really get to know the person until you meet them in flesh and blood. They may say the sweetest things and you may feel that there is real chemistry between the two of you, but you must remember that the online persona and the offline persona are two different things.

What to Look For

A person who comes out as lively and interesting online may turn up to be dull and boring in real life. In that case, you could just walk out after the first meeting or give the relationship more time to flower. But when you really like a person and you want to take the relationship a step or two further, you must be absolutely sure that they feel the same way about you. Here are some tips on how to find if they are really into you:

-They call and text you often:

If people are really into you, they call and text you often to inquire after your wellbeing and whereabouts and also to inform you where they are and what they are doing. Sometimes, they may call or text you even at odd hours like at midnight or early in the morning. This means that you are on their mind all the time. If you feel the same way about them, you should respond in kind so that the relationship naturally flows to the next level. On the other hand, if they are out of communication for days without any proper explanation, then you should understand that they are not interested in taking the relationship further.

-They bump into you at all odd hours:

People who are really into you cannot stop thinking of you and they make all sorts of pretexts to bump into you, while take care not to stalk you. After meeting your online dates once or twice in person, if you suddenly start running into them at different places, then it's a sure sign that the person is into you. There can be only so many coincidences and the rest are preplanned. However, you should be careful if you feel the person is stalking you as this means he is either obsessed or criminally-inclined.

-Their eyes betray their true feelings:

People's eyes are amazingly expressive. Unless you are an accomplished actor, your eyes never lie to someone you like. When on a date, look into their eyes. If you see blank there, he/she is probably a cool and calculative person who just wants to use you. If you see friendliness and concern, it means they are open to you for a relationship. If you see curiosity there, it means they want to know more about you. If you see passion there, it means there is passion in their heart. If people's eyes and mouth say different things, then they are probably lying and you should think of ending it right there.

-They send you gifts and presents:

People who are really into you send you gifts and presents at every opportunity they get, including your birthday, Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day. The messages attached to the gifts give a clear indication of their true feelings. Flowers especially speak the language of love. If they send you red rose, red carnation or red chrysanthemum, it means they are falling in love with you.

-They go the length to please you:

If people really like you, they go all the length to please you because they want you to reciprocate their feelings. They will learn from you and from others around you about you and your likes, dislikes and preferences. If you love going to the movies, they will take time out and suggest going to a movie.

If you like to be with nature, they will take you out for long drives along scenic highways and coastlines. They will take you to restaurants that serve your favorite foods. People who only talk about and do the things they like and disregard what your likes and dislikes are either too self-centered or they are not into you. In any case, you should know that they are not the right people for you.

-They take the initiative in the relationship:

People who really like you take the initiative in the relationship. They are the first to call or send text messages. They are the first to ask you out and make plans. They are the ones who will suggest taking a relationship to a higher level and wait for you patiently until you are ready. It feels wonderful to become the substance of someone's innermost desire, doesn’t it? But don't play the 'passenger in the car role' too long as they might decide to walk away thinking that you are not interested. You should also take the initiative sometimes.

-They include you in their social life:

One of the surest ways to find out if people really want to make you a part of their life is to see whether they will include you in their social life. People who are really into you will introduce you to their friends, families and relatives. They will ask you to accompany them to their friends' and relatives' birthdays, weddings and other events. The message is clear: They are proud to be in a relationship with you and want to let you know and the whole world that they want you as a permanent fixture in their life.