Best Free Dating Website

So…you want to know the real scoop on a free dating website? If you’re like many singles out there, you love the idea of an online dating service…but aren’t too thrilled about having to pay for membership. We don’t blame you! No wonder “free” social sites like Facebook and Craigslist are so popular. Then again, these aren’t very productive sites, as you are often “matched up” with people who are completely wrong for you. No filtering process and no matchmaking equals a waste of time.

What we have done is attempt to decipher the most important dating criteria for your search and then list the best free dating website choices online. We have listed sites that are 100% free. Whether you are looking for a fling or a lasting relationship, you can find it online…and you can find it even amongst free dating websites. The only important element to remember is that you must have some sort of filtering criteria, so you can weed out the wrongs and focus on the rights.

Now our intention with this list was not to publish every free dating website online. We wanted to focus on quality not quantity. Therefore we made sure not only that each site was free, but also that it had standard or above standard features of interest to single users. Here the best websites are…

As you can see, some of these websites are fairly well known, but some of them are relatively new or unknown. We actually did a comprehensive search for free dating websites and made sure they all provided commercial quality services before listing them. You may be wondering how do these companies make money? Some of them make money off traffic, while others may make money selling the products or services of other companies. What matters to you, of course, is just what the free dating website can do for you.

What Makes a Good Free Dating Website?

The most important feature at the beginning is determining whether the site is successful and thus full of real and active users. Small “free” websites could very well be empty wastelands of cyberspace and not have any real user activity. Then again, there’s no guarantee you will find the date you want just because you login to a largely populated free dating website. So determine what you are looking for. It is a reality worth facing: when you choose a free website you are going for the “mainstream” and not the niche crowd. So, in order to find a “perfect” match, or someone that likes the exact same things as you do, you may find better success at a commercial site. However, if you are looking for beauty, for local singles and for a casual date, then a free website may be a good investment.

Importance of Compatible Partners

One of the best features of a free dating website will be the compatibility match factor. This is something that most free websites will not offer since, in theory, a complex questionnaire and matching program would cost a lot of money. Nevertheless, some companies have figured out a way to make this feature accessible and these sites have been rewarded with a listing. Compatibility is what is going to determine just how “far” you go on your date, whether we’re talking a fling or even a long-term relationship and family. Now some sites will take different approaches to matchmaking.

Some may be very hands on, while others may relegate this part of dating to auto matching (usually based on keyword interest matching and so on). We have listed all the sites that offer matching services, but that doesn’t mean all of these programs will fit your personality. You may be a single person who enjoys freedom and simply wants to meet a lot of eligible singles so that you can feel a spark…or you may want a free site to do the work for you and give the profile and name-ID of another user.

Membership Options for a Free Dating Website

Another aspect to consider is what membership options are offered. Granted, you’re probably not going to get the in-depth features of a paid website, since they have to come up with all sorts of innovative stuff just to keep your interest and your money coming in. However, you might be surprised at just how intricate some of these free sites are. For instance, some sites offer free video chat and free messaging with email. You are really dealing with a quality sites if they lay on the extras, such as online dating tips, audio and photo sharing and ice breaker applications.

Special Features

There is no such thing as a “free trial at a free website”, or at least there shouldn’t be if the site really is free. However, some websites do require registration before you can access the entire website. Some websites may also require age verification, particularly adult oriented websites. Perhaps the most important element of all is how well the dating company creates a community dynamic.

People want to feel like they are part of a community, and that they really stand a chance of meeting many singles. So focus your attention on the websites that really load on the interactive features and that make you feel welcomed. However, beware of free dating websites that make you feel “welcomed” by ordering users (human or robotic) to chat with you or send you flirts. A good rule of thumb is to check out online “shout outs” to see real members interacting with each other via blog, forum, message board or chat.

It’s Time to Give Free Dating Websites a Chance!

There’s nothing to lose with a free dating website, so why not surf all of our listings and see if you find any success? We recommend trying a free site first (exploring the deeper pool of singles) and then moving on to a commercial dating website to find people closer to your sensibilities—and who may match your own unique criteria for a great relationship.