eHarmony is an online dating website that was created in 2000 by a marriage counselor who had been working in the field for more than thirty years. The site was created with the intention of helping people to find others based on multiple characteristics. It is a unique and psychological way for people to find others.

The number of people who use eHarmony is staggering, thus ensuring that a user could find someone of interest. It is estimated that the site has about twenty million users from many countries. The site even says that, according to Harris Interactive, five percent of marriages in the United States started off of people who met each other on eHarmony.

Compatibility Testing

One of the reasons why this online dating website is so popular is that it uses a unique questionnaire that gets people to link up with each other. The site was based on the principle that people who are more psychologically compatible with one another will be more likely to get into long-term relationships. These points relate to all sorts of factors that involve one’s lifestyle. These include not only one’s emotional and physical characteristics but also attitudes towards many different points relating to one’s life.

The site uses twenty-nine different categories, or “dimensions of compatibility,” that relate to individual characteristics. These include characteristics involving self-conflict, romantic interest, physical health, intellect, sociability, humor and how one manages one’s mood.

It does take a while to finish the entire test because it involves more than two hundred individual questions. However, it is a test that is required to make sure that people are capable of finding the right partners. This information can be used in searches to help people find others whose results match up. The people who are closest to one another in this questionnaire may be linked up together.

This information is also used because it involves the ways how people who are opposite from one another often have tough times with getting long-term relationships going. People like to use the “opposites attract” approach to dating because they feel that people who are different from each other in some way are more likely to actually fall in love and be interested in one another.

However, it can be tough for two opposites to love each other. They might deal with contentious issues over some of the small things. That’s why eHarmony uses a special plan to help get people to match up with each other based on the many things that they list in their compatibility tests. The incredible attention to detail in the test only makes it a little easier for people to find each other without any disputes.

Member Profiles at eHarmony

The profiles that are on the site feature many points. First, a profile will include a picture. A user can post multiple pictures on the site. Basic information will be listed on a profile. This includes details on one’s basic characteristics like a user’s occupation, age, religion, height and whether or not one drinks or smokes. Information on a person’s specific city of residence can also be used.

Two critical points can be found at the top of the profile. These include what a user is “most passionate” about and what the most important thing that user wants out of a partner is. This information can create an interesting feature.

There are several other critical points that are listed in an online profile. These include things like the four things that one’s friends like to say about someone. Information on the three best life skills one has can also be listed. Another section involves the three things that a sure is more thankful for.

This information may be used to give other people who read a profile some ideas on what that person thinks. This may be used to help see what can go on with a site.

Membership Prices

The cost that comes with using eHarmony is great to find. It will cost about forty to sixty dollars a month to use eHarmony based on one’s usage and the promotion that is going on. An annual subscription can be used as well. This annual subscription is worth $250. This makes for a substantial amount of savings based on one’s needs to find something of interest.

A free trial may also be used. This will last for a few days and will not include all of the main features that full customers who pay for the service can get access to. This is an effective point that will give a user an idea of what the site offers while leaving a user wanting more after checking out all the interesting things that it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

There is one important point for potential eHarmony users to review. The online dating website does not work directly with gay and lesbian users. The founder of the site is a devout Christian who has stated his disdain against same sex marriage in the past. He also felt that there was no need to support them because same sex marriage is constitutionally outlawed in most states.

However, the site has created an auxiliary gay and lesbian dating website in Compatible Partners that allows gay and lesbian users to find matches that they can use. The site is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people and costs the same to use as eHarmony. It also uses the same general features that eHarmony uses. This is all being used to help get the services that the site has to offer to be made available to more people.

The functions that work on eHarmony are valuable for all kinds of single people to find. This can be used to help give people ideas of what they can find with regards to who they may be more likely to enjoy. The information that the site uses for all of its users can be managed to make sure that all people who are on the website are capable of getting the right matches to work for them.