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The Christian community has never been more prevalent than it is now. One of the ways how the community has evolved comes from the many different Christian dating websites that people can find. One of the top choices to find among these sites is This is a site that is owned by Spark Networks and has been in operation since 1996.

The site takes a strong approach to Christian dating. caters to people who want to find other Christians to start relationships with. The site promotes itself heavily on how it has helped all sorts of people find their true loves and has even been responsible for a few marriages.

Dating Based on Faith

One big part of is that it caters heavily to those who want to talk about their religious experiences. These include people who want to discuss how they believe in Jesus.

A user at can enter in many pieces of information on one’s general life. This includes many points relating to one’s basic information like ethnicity, education, children one has and details on the relationship that one is looking to find.

People can find others based on many kinds of relationships. A person might try to find a casual relationship like a simple friendship, a partner for different activities and even pen pal activities. There are also options relating to more serious relationships like long-term relationships or even the potential to get married someday. Anyone can get into the site regardless of the future goals that members might have.

Member Profiles

A few additional details on a profile can include fun things like what activities one likes to get into, different items that one is interested in when it comes to entertainment and where one likes to visit. This information often relates to different kinds of points that influence one’s life.

It is particularly easy for people to write more open-ended things in their profiles. These include things like how relationships in one’s life have influenced a member’s current needs for a relationship. Details on what one wants to do on a first date can be listed. There is even a section on a profile that relates to what being a Christian might mean to someone’s needs.

A profile test is also used on the site. uses what it calls a Color Coded Personality Profile to give users ideas of what types of personalities they have. This is used as a critical part of matching people up with others who have similar personalities and interests.

Compatibility Testing

The personality profile test relates to many characteristics involving one’s attitudes towards different actions, emotional values and how close a person is to one’s Christian faith. The results will create a listing that shows off a certain color stating what a person is like.

A person may be listed as red, blue, yellow or white. These respectively relate to a person being powerful, intimate, fun or peaceful. The test involves more than a hundred different questions and usually takes as many as thirty minutes to manage. It is used to make the results of the test a little easier to manage.

A user could also take this test again after a period of time based on one’s changing attitudes. This can help but anyone who uses the test will have to answer the questions carefully. A user will only be allowed to take this test once every six months. This is often enough time to give a user a chance to reflect upon one’s values and to keep the search results on the dating site fair.

Search and Communication Features

The community at is very strong. People can communicate with a series of messages and forums that allow people to chat with each other about all sorts of topics. These include topics about how people can communicate about how they found Christ and how they work with their religious beliefs. People can end send in prayer requests for all sorts of people who need help with their lives.

The search criteria that can be used will involve more than just looking through recommended results. This can include looking through things like people in different cities, those with different physical characteristics and more.

The communication methods that supports are strong. People can communicate with one another by going using private messaging services and by sending notifications to each other. People can send e-cards to other members. These e-cards can relate to birthdays, holidays and other special events.

Members can also send smiles to other members. A smile is a general icebreaker that states that someone is interested in another person. It can be an anonymous or confidential message.

Membership Pricing

The cost of getting into the site is easy to manage. Members can get onto with a free subscription. This offers an attractive system that allows a user to find other singles. However, people are not able to communicate directly with other members in the event that they are free members.

People can also sign up for paying memberships with different kinds of benefits like the ability to communicate directly with members. It costs $30 for a one month subscription to the site. It also costs $83.94 for subscribe to the site for six months. This will be followed by a deal where a user can continue a subscription at a reduced rate of fourteen dollars per month.

A user can get some small add-ons for an extra value. These include things like Spotlight services where a user’s profile will be featured above others. A Stand-Out feature can also allow a user’s profile to be in a special section with a different background color and a larger spot in a search page. These are used to make a profile more noticeable.

Last Thoughts is one of the best Christian dating websites around. The site offers more ways for people to communicate with each other and to express their faith with other like-minded singles. It is a site that goes with Christian values and has several attractive features to go along with it.