Christian Dating Website

Finding a Christian dating website can be a pretty difficult thing to do if you don't know where to begin looking. With so many different websites out there today claiming to offer an excellent Christian dating service, it can be a little confusing figuring out which ones really are the best. That is the main reason why we have come up with what we found to meet the requirements for being a top of the line Christian dating website.

Rank Christian Dating Website Rating Price Visit Dating Site
1.  9.8/10 $29.99/mo Visit
2. Christian Cafe  9.6/10 $34.95/mo Visit eHarmony
3. Big Church 9.2/10 $15.99/mo Visit

This list may seem rather small but that is because we believe these websites to stand out among the many places claiming to be a Christian dating website. There is no question that all different sites have something of their own to offer, but if you are really looking to find a relationship that is based around your Christian faith, then one of the websites listed here will give you the best chance for doing so.

Each one of the sites that we recommend here have proven themselves to be an outstanding Christian dating service and do a great job of centering their website around the Christian faith. Each one strives to promote healthy and faith-based relationships that eventually turn into lifelong partnerships. With that and their customer's safety being some of their main goals, it is no wonder these sites top our list for best Christian dating website.

What Makes Up a Good Christian Dating Website

As we went about making up this list for the best Christian dating website, we had to really think about what standards and qualities we wanted to see from each site. Below we go through some of the main characteristics that we were looking for from every website that we reviewed and why these sites actually lived up to the qualities that we were looking for from a Christian dating website.

Faith Based Compatibility

When it comes to finding a Christian dating website, one of the most important things that a person looks for is how they are matched up with other singles. Most want to be matched up according to their own faith and beliefs, in hopes that they can find someone else that holds the same values as they do. As we searched through the many different Christian dating websites out there, this is one thing that we kept in mind.

The sites that we have listed here have proven that they took their customer requests into consideration and came up with compatibility testing that matches people up with beliefs being vital. Websites like and Christian Cafe have made it clear that they are the best when it comes to finding people long lasting faith-based relationships.

Most Christians try to put God and their faith above everything else when it comes to importance. These sites have also done that in order to make sure that a person's faith comes first when being matched up with compatible singles. A Christian dating website should be focused around Christianity and if it isn't then they won't be on this particular list. We wanted to make sure that our reader finds a dating website that fits the exact needs that they are looking for.

Membership Privileges and Options

Another dating website characteristic that we looked at was the privileges of each member and the different options that they received when becoming a member. Most Christian dating websites offer free memberships or at least a free trial, but we wanted to make sure that once someone did become a full paying member, that they received everything they were promised.

The best Christian dating website will offer members easy access to messaging features such as instant messaging, video messaging and much more. We made sure that none of the sites that we suggest here force members to pay for higher services just in order to get the basics. When looking for any dating website and especially a Christian one, you need to make sure that the site isn't trying to take advantage of their members.

Along with the privileges that a Christian dating website offers, we also took a look at the different membership offers and what they include. Most of the best dating websites will allow members to sign up for longer periods of time and give them big discounts. This is where we looked at the options and pricing involved with each Christian dating site and made sure they were doing this.

Each one of the dating websites recommended here offer great membership benefits and pricing options in order to help their customers with payments. They have made it their main goal to match each member up with a compatible faith-based relationship so that they can help grow their relationship with God and with their new partner.

Other Special Features for a Christian Dating Website

Some other great features that a Christian dating website should offer are things such as in-depth online dating tips, areas to put in your prayer requests and also even a worship area. The best ones give dating advice specifically for online Christian dating which can really help out with anyone new to online dating or new to the Christian faith.

The areas for prayer requests has been a big hit with Christian dating websites since prayer is such a huge part of the Christian faith. It is a great feature that many of the people on the dating website actually use quite frequently and is also a great way to learn more about some of the other singles on the site and what their dealing with.

Lastly, the worship areas that they have created are another thing that has been a big success. It allows members to worship God together through an online community and also another way to get to know other Christian singles. They will also help you to find a good church to get into as well as Bible resources to give you the opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith.

All of these features and more give these Christian dating websites a large advantage over others. They promote healthy relationships based on an individual's faith and also helps them to grow in their relationship with the Lord and with other Christians.

Give Online Christian Dating a Try?

If you think that an online Christian dating website might be the right option for you and want to get started, we highly recommend Christian Mingle as one of the absolute best sites to try. There you will receive all of these excellent features and more once you have become a member of their dating website. If you are ready to give it a try simply visit and sign up for a membership today.