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Whether you’re Asian and looking to hook up with an Anglo, Latino or African lover, or are looking for an exotic Asian beauty, then you have come to the right place. It’s easy to see why the world thinks Asians are beautiful. The culture itself is sexy, given that Asia is the birthplace of many aphrodisiac foods, geishas, vending machines with underwear inside and of course, shirtless buffed men practicing martial arts. Besides that, having an exotic affair or taking a new lover of a new race or ethnicity is just exciting! And who knows, maybe this relationship could lead into a long-term relationship or even an international marriage!

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1. 9.8/10 $16.99/mo Visit
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3. eHarmony 9.1/10 $19.95/mo Visit eHarmony

First things first…where in the world can you meet Asians or as an Asian single meet an American interested in dating you? The best option for both scenarios is the online world. Yes, these sites forego all the “foreplay”, which is usually made up of bad connections, awkward conversations, and instant rejections, and instead focuses on interest and compatibility. This is the best way to date in your situation, because an Asian dating website specializes in that niche. Well, we have good news for you.

We have visited numerous sites online and are confident that our list of Asian dating websites is comprehensive, truthful, and just about the best you can do online. How can we say that? Because we have listed these sites according to stringent criteria.

What Makes an Asian Dating Website Worth the Money?

First things first: consider how big the Asian dating website really is. While individual features are important, all these features are useless if the membership total is very low. The higher the member rate, the more likely it is you will meet someone worth your time and money. We have published a list of dating websites that do have a minimum membership, so that you can be assured of romantic attention.

All of the sites we studied not only offered Asian singles but specialized in interracial romances with an emphasis on Asians. Regardless of your fantasy, these websites will focus on making your ideal scenario come true. Whether you are a young Asian man who dreams of dating a tall blonde or a fiery Latina, or are a man wanting to pair up with a sexy Asian woman, you will not be disappointed. Before you start making your honeymoon plans early, however, it’s time to consider the most important aspects of finding a dating website. Long before you decide what kind of person you’re interested in, you must decide upon the dating site. We encourage not only choosing an Asian-focused site, but also finding a site that loads up useful features, so that in the end, you get your money’s worth.

Compatibility—Just How Important Is It?

Asian DatingIt’s easy to assume that all you need in online dating is a huge database of Asian dating singles. However, it’s not so easy, not when you consider that most of these people will be incompatible with you. That’s a statistical projection, true, but it’s hard to deny that not everyone is compatible with everyone. There’s not much of a future in trying to date something who wants nothing to do with you. In fact, it’s enough to discourage you from even trying to find the exotic beauty you’ve been looking for all your life.

So our advice is to look to compatibility matching. This means that the dating website will either offer a program that matches you together with someone based on a questionnaire (a great feature!) or that it matches you up with other people based on shared keyword interests, similar relationship wants and needs, and other data matching. Believe us, this will save you a lot of time and heartache when it’s all said and done. What you really want is a system that gives you ideas, so that you can sort through the many listings and maximize your time. After all, isn’t it better to skip the incompatibles and go straight for the match you really want?

Membership Options

Membership options are important, as these Asian dating websites do charge a healthy fee, whether by the month or by the year. What are some of the features that members care about? Obviously, email and instant messaging are prerequisites. However, don’t be too easily impressed…what you really want to hold out for are sites that host video chat. You have to see the whole person before making a decision, right? Rest assured, all of the websites we have published have the most basic and important features. However, our recommendation is to make a list of unique features and then compare each site, making an educated decision as to which one offers the best deal.

Other Special Features

We really like sites that go “above and beyond”, by offering good stuff you can’t find anywhere else—like dating tips, blogs and forums, and of course, ice breaker questions or flirt messages that make approaching someone so much less awkward. There’s another factor to consider: the free trial period! How else can you know if the site is worth its membership fee? Don’t fall for websites that promise the world after payment. Choose from one of our listed sites, which allow you to preview the Asian dating website just as if you were a member.

Try an Asian Dating Website?

Why keep yearning and hoping to find something in such common surroundings? You’re not going to meet a sexy new lover at a bar or at church. And there’s no sense in being rejected by people who are instantly incompatible with you. No, the best way to find someone compatible and attractive is to do a custom search from one of our approved Asian dating websites. These are the net’s best sites to meet someone who is single and ready to get serious. It’s time to narrow down your search and make your fantasy into a reality!