Best Dating Websites 2016

Welcome to, your top choice for finding yourself the best online dating website. We have taken the time to go through individual dating websites across the internet to bring you what we found to be the absolute best. We wanted to make sure that there were only the top of the line dating websites listed on this site.

Here you will find our list of rankings for the best dating website online today. Each one of the websites that we have listed here have been reviewed thoroughly and ensured for customer safety and site security. Any dating website that we suggest here has been approved as being a well-trusted site with thousands of customers to back each one up.

Best Dating Websites

Detailed, Customized Search
Proven Compatibility System
Quizzes for Potential Matches
Scientific Process for Compatibility
Potential Matches Found for You
Excellent Subscription Plans
Well-Researched Compatibility System
One of the Most Trusted Dating Website
Detailed Questionnaire for Matching
Duet Total Compatibility System
Approximately 5 Million Members
"Match Guarantee" Offer
Special Mobile Version
Low Cost Membership Plans
Established Back in 1997

Finding an online dating website to get started at can actually be quite a daunting task since there are so many out there today. This is why we took the liberty to rank what we believe the be the very best for the majority of online daters. This list is continually updated as dating websites are revised and added so that you can always be sure that you are finding the best dating website for you.

Finding a Specific Dating Website

Many people searching for an online dating website are actually looking for a specific type that caters to their own needs and wants. That is why we have come up with several different rankings for specific categories of dating websites. These lists are based off such things as religion, ethnicity, location and other characteristics that many people are looking for when choosing a dating website.

Above are several of the specific lists of rankings that we have developed for specific needs. If one of the categories above applies to what you're looking for out of a dating website, we suggest clicking on that link and viewing the rankings for that category. We have found the best dating websites on the internet in order to come up with each one of these lists so you should have no problem finding the right one.

If you didn't find the specific type of dating website rankings above that you were looking for, take a look at our online dating guide for a full list of all the rankings that we have to offer. More than likely we have found the best dating website specifically for the needs that you have while online dating. If not, we are always updating and expanding our lists so continue to check back for more rankings.

Dating Website Reviews

Not only have we ranked the best dating websites but we have also gone through and done full reviews of many of them. We want our readers to be well-informed of any dating website that they may be considering before actually signing up for a membership. We suggest taking a close look at any website that you might be looking into before paying any membership fees.

Each website review that we did covers topics such as quality of members, compatibility matching, membership pricing and any other special features that the site may be offering to their customers. We have detailed information on each website because we took the time to go through each one individually to make sure they meet up to certain standards that we believe are vital for being a high quality online dating website.Dating Website

One thing that you should always remember though, is the fact that all reviews of any dating website are somewhat speculative. Depending on what your specific wants are, one dating website may be much better for you than what someone else may be saying. So make sure that you do your own research and find out what dating site is best for you. This is how you can ensure that you choose the best dating website for your own needs.

Online Dating Website Guide

Our online dating guide covers most everything that you will possibly need when it comes to dating online. We cover detailed topics that many find very helpful when online dating and also when looking to start a long-term relationship with someone special. Our goal is to make sure that you are prepared for when you begin using an online dating website and also for when you do meet your matches.

There is actually quite a bit that goes into online dating like building a strong profile and also safety tips that you should be using. Beyond that, we also cover basic relationship topics and even some in-depth issues that many couples seem to face during their time together. We believe that if you learn to better understand your significant other and how to meet their needs, you will be able to develop a much stronger relationship than if you simply go through without any real effort.

We have listed several of the different topics that we cover below that we would recommend taking a closer look at as you go. There are also several other articles that you can look at in our online dating guide. A good relationship takes time and effort, and just like anything else in life, you will get whatever you decide to put into it.

Using a dating website is relatively new for many people and it does take a little getting used to. This is part of the reason why we designed our dating guide to help people become better acquainted with online dating and what they should look out for and be doing in order to make sure they are finding their best matches with complete safety and security.

One of the biggest reasons why many people still shy away from a specific dating website is because they are still unsure about their own personal safety. We ensure you that if you choose a safe online dating website like the ones we have listed on this site, you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of and your personal information will be safe.

Again we want to mention that one of the best things that you can do when it comes to online dating is to make sure that you do your own research before signing up with anyone. Even though there are many dating websites with excellent reputations, there are also several that have made a bad name for themselves because they can't keep their customers safe. We want to make sure that you are able to find the best dating website that will not only find you your best relationship match, but will also keep you as safe as possible.

Other Dating Articles

If you are still looking for other dating articles that we haven't mentioned yet, we have put together a small list of relationship-based articles below that you can have a look at. These general articles are mainly based around relationships and how to better those relationships. We love to see couples grow stronger together and continue to develop a passion for each other. If any one of the topics below spark an interest, we suggest taking a look at it in order to find a little more advice for your own relationship.Dating Online

With some of these articles above and the many others that we have in our dating guide will help you develop a stronger and longer lasting relationship. We want to make sure that you take the time to learn more about your partner and what it takes in order to have the type of relationship that you have always dreamed of.